"Gardening is any way that humans and nature come together with the intent of creating beauty."
Tina James


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*Before you purchase any graphics, please be sure to read the terms.  You will be bound by them if you read them or not.  So, you might as well read them*

~Garden of Pixels reserve the right to update the terms, please check back to stay up to date with my terms of use.

~ Do Not Direct Link to anything at Garden of Pixels!

~ You must link your purchase back to Garden of Pixels http://www.gardenofpixels.com
You may link the graphic or put an active text link with the graphic. But you must link the graphic wherever you use it.

~ Graphics may not be used in any graphic collection or claimed as your own work. They may not be used for financial gain or redistributed in any way, unless stated otherwise.

~Graphics may not be made into tubes, brushes, fonts, filters or anything else without permission.

~ You may not alter graphics in any way.

~ Do not take any part of the Garden of Pixels layout.

~ Payments are made through Paypal only.

~ You may not use any of GOP graphics on sites that promote racism, hate, bigotry, violence, abuse or pornography.

~ The sale of all graphics are final, with no exceptions.

~ No refunds will be given.

By purchasing our Premades graphics, we assume you have read these terms and will abide by them. If we find our graphics altered in any way or terms not being followed, we have the right to have you remove the graphic.
Please note these graphics are copyrighted to the artist.

*Premades Terms*

You must have a family friendly website.
You mustn't alter the graphics anyway.
You mustn't change the color of the graphics, resize them, tube them.
You must have no right click, disable image toolbar, and no drag scripts on your site.
You mustn't claim them as yours.

*Member Area*

You may join the member area for a fee.  This help to cover the fees of my hosting and help to buy some nice graphic from great artist I admire.

*Commercial License Terms*

Garden of Pixels retains the copyright to all images that are purchased. By purchasing our Commercial License we are granting you permission to use our graphics for profit.

We reserve the right to change or modify the Commercial License Agreement at a future date.

You MAY use any items found in the GOP lines, tubes & bases found in the tube section.
You may create tubes, websets, graphics, buttons or banners for resale as long as you purchase our commercial license
 and link graphics back to our site on any page of your website where our graphics are displayed.

You MAY NOT alter our graphics in any form or resell them. Some of the graphics were purchased through other artists.
No premades can be use for resale those are intended for adoption to collect and display on your site only with a protective script.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and enjoy your time here at GOP.